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Tiling and Concrete: 9 things you should know

Tiles require a solid base to be installed properly. Having concrete underneath the tiles that act as a subfloor is a great option. Installing tiles directly on concrete is possible…

Drywall and Tiling: 9 things you should know

Drywall is trending for its use with tiling because of the beautiful look it gives to your place. Also, it is cheaper than the other underlayment options. However, installing tiles…

Tiling and Adhesive: 9 things you should know

Adhesive is an essential and easy way to bond tiles efficiently. Adhesives provide a better bonding strength than any sand-cement mixture due to their low shrinkage property. The adhesive also…

Tiling and Cement: 8 things you should know

Tiling is an excellent option when it comes to decorating your walls. Apart from the many decorations and designs to choose from, tiles are more durable, water-friendly, and easy to…

How to Tile a Floor, Step by Step

Tiles can be a nice addition to your floors, as they not only provide a protective layer against moisture but also add a good decorative element to your house. Tiles…

How to Tile a Wall, step by step

Tiles are a durable and low maintenance way of adding an eye-catching addition to your home. It protects your home from moisture damage. As it acts as a waterproof barrier,…