Outdoor Deck Tiles, 10 Things You Should Know

Why should you consider tiles for your outdoor deck, and what should you know about this venture?

This article looks at four essential things you should know about outdoor deck tiles, whether they’re worth investing in, and if you can put tiles on an outside deck.

Outdoor Deck Tiles 

Outdoor deck tiles are one of the most common accessories in exterior design, which is fast gaining popularity. These trending accessories help improve the outlook of your home while offering you multiple additional benefits. 

The most crucial things to understand about decking tiles are their worth to your home and if you can integrate them into your existing deck. It’s also advisable to know the considerations to make when purchasing them, which we’ll discuss in this article. 

Things To Consider When Choosing Tiles for Your Deck

Selecting the right tiles for your patio can be tricky because of the market’s wide selection of outdoor deck tiles. If you’re wondering how to pick suitable tiles, here is a checklist to assist you.

1. The Type of Tiles You Use Depends on The Location 

Where on your property the outdoor tiles will be placed is the foremost consideration when selecting outdoor deck tiles. If you intend to install the tiles on a deck that gets heavy foot traffic and continual use, then durable tiles with a course setting serve best to avoid slipping accidents and damage from wear and tear. 

Porcelain tiles fit excellently in a location with little traffic and high seclusion.

2. Your Budget Should Come Before Other Factors 

It’s always advisable to have a budget in mind before purchasing deck tiles as it allows you to first narrow your options to affordable choices. After that, you can look at other considerations. 

During your purchase, remember that cheap does not equal poor quality, and expensive does not guarantee exceptional quality. Striking a balance between the two is the surest way to get value for your money.

3. The Tiles’ Design Should Match the Rest of Your Home 

It makes no sense to install deck tiles that’ll ruin the aesthetic of your home. When purchasing outdoor tiles, it’s best to only go for options that complement or enhance your home’s design. This will ensure that your home has one flowing design from inside to outside. 

4. Prioritize Durability If Your Deck Is Exposed to the Elements

Outdoor decking tiles deal with a lot, from high to low temperatures, UV light, and rain. If your deck is in a location that constantly exposes the tiles to the elements, you should prioritize durability during the selection process. Deck tiles with high resistance to the elements are your best bet.

Are Deck Tiles a Worthwhile Investment?

This is a common question that most people ask when looking to add style to their decks. It’s good to consider outdoor deck tiles objectively to see if they’re the right step for you as far as the exterior design is concerned. 

Deck tiles are a worthwhile investment, especially if done correctly. They equip your deck to withstand the test of time and the elements. Also, they’re easy to install and remove if you want to upgrade them. 

Outdoor deck tiles are a stable, durable investment for adding life to your outside deck. They are made from eco-friendly material resistant to decay, wear and tear. They offer you a semi-permanent solution with the added merit of easy installation and removal.

● Is It Okay to Tile an Outside Deck?

It’s okay to tile an outside deck. Your outside deck deals with a lot, from the harsh elements to the scorching sun. It’s bound to suffer the effects of wear and tear. Tiling is an excellent way to protect your deck while boosting its functionality and aesthetics. 

There are times when you look at your deck and realize that it has seen better days. At such times, you may not be able to replace the entire deck fully, but you would still like to change it to look better and more inviting. This is where deck tiles come in handy by offering you a way of improving their longevity, primarily if you use them regularly throughout the year. 

● Can Deck Tiles Be Installed On an Existing Deck?

You can apply deck tiles to both new and existing decks. You can cover an existing deck with tiles, depending on its condition, material, and the material of your desired tiles. Covering an existing deck is an excellent way to change your yard without breaking the bank.

There are, however, scenarios where covering an existing deck is highly discouraged. These are

  • If the deck is rotten or rotting, especially for wood decks
  • If the deck structure is not sound or is unstable in one way or the other
  • If the deck has recently collapsed or suffered water damage
  • If the deck is covered in mold or other fungi
  • If the deck has termite damage

Before you cover an existing deck, it is common practice to have it assessed by a professional for damage to avoid issues down the road.

● Do Decking Tiles Need Anything Underneath Them?

Deck tiles don’t need anything under them. You can install deck tiles without tools or adhesives. The only requirement is a hard surface with an even finish. Rental properties require permission from the landlord. 

Deck tiles don’t require surface or sub-surface preparation before installation and can be placed on the selected area. At most, all you need is to even out the surface and clean it to ensure a smooth installation. Since deck tiles are interlocking, they snap into place and reinforce each other as you install them.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can spruce up your homes from the outside, one of the most advantageous being deck tiles. They offer an affordable, durable way to change or enhance the aesthetic of your home and are a must-have for most houses. There are a lot of safety considerations when it comes to installing and maintaining deck tiles, and it is advisable to always consult a professional before undertaking this venture.

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