Outdoor Interlocking Tiles: 6 Things You Should Know

Outdoor interlocking tiles can add a beautiful patio to your yard without requiring extensive construction and costing you a fortune. The tiles can be bought in various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing you to create the perfect look for your outdoor space. Not only do interlocking tiles provide an easy way to add a great-looking patio to your home, but they also require minimal maintenance so that you can enjoy them for many years.

What Are Outdoor Interlocking Tiles?

Outdoor interlocking tiles are individual tiles that connect to make a section of flooring. They link together to create a solid piece of flooring for your outdoor area. You can use them in place of a patio or deck.

If you are looking for a temporary, simple, and inexpensive way to add some flooring to your outdoor area, then outdoor interlocking tiles may be the right choice. Their affordability alone makes them a great choice for anyone looking to save money. They are great for outdoor parties or those who want to test out a patio before they commit to a major purchase.

Like most other tiles, outdoor interlocking tiles are waterproof, so bad weather will not ruin them. 

Are Outdoor Interlocking Deck Tiles Worth It?

Outdoor interlocking tiles are worth it, considering the price. They’re much cheaper than installing a brick, concrete, or wood patio. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend but still want an outside area to relax, then these tiles are already well worth the price.

Additionally, installing interlocking tiles is a very simple process that you can do alone, quickly. If you’re preparing for an outdoor party, you can purchase these tiles and install them the same day. 

Outdoor interlocking deck tiles are not permanent. So, you can choose a design you like without being stuck with that design permanently, as you would be with standard tiles. Changing your mind about the color or design of your outdoor interlocking tiles means you simply need to order more and replace them yourself. 

Another factor that makes these tiles worth it is durability. Outdoor interlocking tiles are waterproof and durable, and many are stain-proof. This makes them well worth their cost as you don’t need to remove them when you are expecting bad weather. 

However, whether or not these tiles are truly worth it depends on the land you put them on. If you have flat ground, these tiles will work great for your yard. However, uneven land will cause these tiles to lay unevenly. This can make them dangerous to walk on. If the land is too bumpy, the tiles may not even connect properly, as they need a flat ground to work best. 

How Long Will Outdoor Interlocking Tiles Last?

With proper care and maintenance, outdoor interlocking tiles can last up to ten years. However, their longevity will vary greatly depending on how you treat them. The key to making them last as long as possible is to ensure you keep them clean and prevent any chips or damage from occurring. 

Outdoor interlocking tiles need to be washed regularly. It is also important to clean up any spills right away to prevent staining. Be careful to avoid dropping heavy things on the tiles to prevent chipping and other damage. Outdoor interlocking tiles can last you for a long time if you are careful to treat them properly. 

Can You Put Interlocking Deck Tiles on the Ground?

You can put interlocking deck tiles on the ground to decorate your backyard and build your own outdoor patio. You don’t need to prepare the ground unless it is uneven. In this case, you may need to do some work on the area to help even it out before adding the tiles. 

Otherwise, you can lay them on the ground right away. This means you can put your interlocking tiles on top of grass, dirt, mulch, concrete, or an existing deck or patio. This can help you easily update an outdated deck design or create an entirely new deck in your yard. 

● Outdoor Interlocking Tiles and Grass

While you can put your tiles directly on top of grass, you should know that it may damage your grass. If you plan to use these tiles for a short time and remove them, then you don’t have much to worry about. However, long-term use may harm your grass. 

Grass needs sunlight to thrive and survive. Blocking sunlight from your grass can cause it to lack the nutrients it needs to grow healthy. Doing this for a short time will not affect the health of your grass, but keeping it covered for an extended time will kill your grass. 

To keep this from happening, you may want to remove the tiles regularly during the day allowing sunlight to reach the grass. Alternatively, you can allow the grass to stop growing by keeping the tiles in place and only focus on regrowth if you later move the tiles. 

What Do I Need To Install Outdoor Interlocking Tiles?

To install these tiles, you simply need the tiles and a clean space to work. These tiles do not require you to use any adhesives, nails, or other tools you need with other DIY projects. Instead, you can simply lay the tiles down and interlock them easily by hand. You don’t need a hammer or drill to install them. 

Before you start installing tiles, you should clean the area where you will place your tiles. Sweep the area for any debris that may get in the way during the installation process. If you plan to put the tiles on top of another patio surface, clean it thoroughly first to prevent debris, dirt, and mildew from getting in the way. 

The only time you need tools to complete this installation is if you need to cut the tiles to fit in a specific area. If you place these tiles against a wall, you may need to cut the tiles to allow them to fit in the space you are working with. If this is the case, then you should use a handsaw to cut off the excess tile, so it properly fits. 

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