Wrong Grout Color How To Fix. What the pros say

Grout has multiple uses, but from the building perspective, it helps to seal and beautify ceramic tiles. Getting the wrong grout color is very frustrating because it immediately alters the beauty, and sometimes, the purpose of the tiling. Hence, we always try to hire experts who understand proper grout coloring for the job. 

You can fix a wrong grout color by either recoloring it or replacing the grout. Recoloring the grout may give you less stress, but it will not last over time. Replacing the grout is more challenging and expensive, but it will stand the test of time.

In this guide, I will explain both processes for fixing your grout color when it’s done wrong. If this is your current predicament, stop worrying and keep reading for more info on the right fix.

What To Do When You Notice Your Grout Color Is Wrong

Wrong Grout comes in three different types. They are:

  • Epoxy grout
  • Cement grout
  • Furan grout

Of all three, furan is the only consistent one with its color black. Both epoxy and cement grouts come in multiple colors, which may seem similar. 

When using cement grout, you need to be extra careful because the cement and tile properties can affect the final color. Some of the factors that could affect your grout’s final color include; 

  • Substrate type
  • Cement hydration
  • Water level
  • Density of the tiles
  • Tile edge
  • Light

It takes lots of experience to accurately choose the right grout color. Therefore, avoid rushing to find a solution when you notice you have the wrong grout color. 

According to building expert Tim Carter, grout does not have the expected color in its wet state; it is usually darker. Thus, it is better to wait for the grout to dry before you conclude the color is off. 

Grout takes between two days to a week to get completely dry. This depends on the amount of water in the mix or exposure to sunlight among other factors. 

My advice is that you wait for about five days to confirm if the color has changed to what you want. After five days, there are no more color changes to expect. 

How To Fix Wrong Grout Color

As I have mentioned, you have two options for fixing your grout color; 

  • Changing the grout color
  • Replacing the grout. 

Let’s examine both options.

● Changing Grout Color 

Changing the color of your grout is the easier of the options. Still, you need the right products to clean and color the grout plus the appropriate tools. 

The first thing to do is to choose the destination color you want and buy the corresponding product. It is important to note that changing from a dark color to a light one is more challenging, and you will need a large amount of color for a perfect change. 

After deciding on your color, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Get all tools ready
  • Step 2: Wash and clean the existing grout
  • Step 3: Perform a test coloring after drying
  • Step 4: Protect tile surface 
  • Step 5: Use your colorant according to instructions and proceed to clean

Let’s take a look at each step closely 

● Step 1. Get All Tools Ready

You do not need a lot of tools when recoloring your grout. The tools you need include:

  • Two brushes. One to scrub the grout and another to apply the grout color. 
  • Grout cleaner 
  • Water to rinse off the cleaner 
  • Colorant. Choose one that has excellent reviews.

● Step 2. Wash and Clean Existing Grout

This step is vital whether your grout is dirty or not. Some grout colorants will specify the type of cleaner you should use before coloring. You can also try out regular DIY cleaners – baking soda and white vinegar. Remember to rinse the cleaner.

● Step 3. Perform a Test Coloring After Drying 

You’re going through these steps because you don’t like the existing color. It would be extremely painful to waste time, money, and energy recoloring with the wrong color. Therefore, you must test the grout color on one section of your tile first.

It is best to perform this test coloring by following the instructions in the product guide. Ensure the floor is completely dry before going ahead. 

● Step 4. Protect Tile Surface

Grout colorants come in different thicknesses and application processes. You will not want the color change on the grout to affect your tile surface. Hence, it is best to cover the tile surface; you will still need to clean it, but the cleaning will be minimal. 

● Step 5. Use Your Colorant According to Instructions and Proceed to Clean

Most colorants will require you to apply them with a brush, while a few come in a pen format for easy application. Also, some will require you to seal after coloring, while others won’t. 

Either way, ensure you read the instructions and apply your colorant carefully, remembering to protect every surrounding tile. Clean all protruding grout colors and allow it to dry correctly. 

This video helped me a lot when I wanted to recolor my grout: 

Replacing the Grout

Replacing the grout is much more complicated in regards to the process and tools, but it lasts longer. However, it’s usually best to contact an expert because of the complexities involved. 

That said, it’s not a task you can’t take on; you only need the right tools. Some of these tools include:

  • Replacement grout and sealer
  • A knife 
  • A multi-tool (as long as it comes with a grout blade)
  • A bucket for mixing the grout
  • Protective tools

Once you have the tools required, you can start the grout removal process following the below steps: 

  • Step 1: Use the multitool that has the grout blade on the grout lines. It is usually not easy to remove. If a grout line comes off easily, check the tiles, as they may be weak. 
  • Step 2: Mix your grout in your bucket. Ensure you do the mixing under clear lighting to tell the right color. You may need to add coloring to the grout if it is not what you expect. 
  • Step 3: Fix your grout in between the tiles, as it was before. Grouts also have specific application rules from their manufacturers. Therefore, it’s best to read the user manual.

You can watch this video on how to remove and replace your grout and follow it step-by-step: 


Having to fix the wrong grout color can be a frustrating experience. After all, you spent money paying an expert to have it fixed. 

I hope the steps discussed in this guide will provide a long-lasting solution to your wrong grout color. 

However, remember to wait for up to five days before determining that the grout has the wrong color and taking any action.

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