How Do Professionals Clean Grout? A pro perspective

Over time, the grout on walls and floors accumulates debris and needs to be cleaned. It’s good house maintenance practice to take good care of this by cleaning the grout regularly. While you can try doing this yourself, it can be much easier to call cleaning professionals instead.

Professionals clean grout with chemicals and equipment of industrial strength. They use steam cleaners, lint-free mops, and vacuum cleaners to have the floor and wall grout look good as new.

Keep reading to know more about how professionals clean grout and why it may be a better option to hire them.

How Professionals Steam-clean Grout

There are various grout-cleaning methods that professionals can choose from, but the most efficient one is steam-cleaning, which involves the following processes: 

  1. Sweeping or vacuuming
  2. Mopping
  3. Steam cleaning
  4. Drying

● Step 1: Sweeping or Vacuuming

This is the first step in cleaning floor tiles and floor grout. Vacuuming helps professional cleaners reduce the amount of dirt on the surface grout and tile. It loosens up and removes all the dry soil attached to the floor.

Ideally, professionals will go for vacuuming the floor tiles instead of sweeping with a broom. A vacuum cleaner not only removes visible dust, but also microscopic particles.

Sweeping and vacuuming floor tiles should be a regular cleaning routine in houses and buildings.

● Step 2: Mopping

The next step in professional grout-cleaning is mopping. Mopping the floors with a solution of industrial-strength soap helps remove stains and stuck-in dirt. The soap should also kill harmful germs.

After mopping the area, the tiles will look shinier and cleaner, which will brighten up the whole room.

Cleaning professionals usually use heated water and a lint-free mop to do this. Water at higher temperatures is known to make cleaning easier and more effective.

Professionals prefer to use lint-free mops because they take in a lot of water easily. They also retain the soaked water better, even after multiple wipes.

● Step 3: Steam Cleaning

High-powered cleaners are the best approach to cleaning the grout lines of wall and floor tiles. Steam cleaners gush out hot steam that can reach the smaller crevices in the tiles. Steam cleaners work well with all kinds of tile, including porous and smooth ones.

Professional cleaners usually begin in the smaller areas of the room before moving on to clean the larger ones. This ensures that no parts are missed. Then, they work their way around all the creases of the tiles. 

While cleaning wall grout, professionals usually work from the top of the wall down to the bottom. This allows the dirty water to run down areas that haven’t been cleaned.

The steam cleaners loosen and remove every debris, dirt, and sludge on the grout. They’re the best bet for delivering a spotless floor. 

● Step 4: Drying

After all the cleaning has been done, the professional cleaners will leave the tiles to dry for some time. The duration will depend on the size of your house. If there is any dirt left behind while cleaning, it won’t survive the drying process.

The professionals use many clean towels and napkins during this stage to ensure that the grout is left as clean as possible.

Why You Should Hire Professionals To Clean Your Grout

Professional grout cleaners are the best approach to getting your tiles and grout to look as clean as new. They are trained and skilled in floor cleaning and will get you the best result possible.

The equipment and chemicals they use in the process are not everyday household items. Without these specialized tools, you will have to find alternatives that leave you with only moderately clean grout.

These are the benefits of hiring professionals to clean your grout:

  • It saves you time and energy
  • It’s safer
  • They’ll do a better job
  • They’ll make the grout and tile look great

● It Saves You Time and Energy

Trying to clean your grout all by yourself is a lot of work for one person. Usually, you’re trying to clean the floor and wall grout of multiple rooms in the house. This could take a lot of time and energy. There is even a chance that you’ll end up with a bigger mess than there originally was. 

When you hire professional grout cleaners, all the work you have to do is clearing and pointing out the areas to be cleaned in the house. These people are trained to clean your grout swiftly and effectively, so they don’t use too much of your time.

Professional cleaners are also affordable compared to the amount you’ll spend buying the chemicals and equipment to clean grout yourself. Some cleaning services even provide coupons and promo offers that reduce the service cost.

● It’s Safer

Professional cleaners use protective equipment like gloves and masks when they need to use chemicals. They also have safety precautions that prevent them from the potentially harmful effects of these chemicals. 

When you clean grout by yourself, you could dabble into toxic chemicals that you’re unfamiliar with. These chemicals can release toxic fumes into the air inside your house. 

For example, inhaling chlorinated bleach used in stain removal can increase the potential risk of cancer. Many DIY cleaning chemicals are also very harsh and can cause permanent damage or yellowing to your grout.

● They’ll Do a Better Job

With professionals handling your grout cleaning, you can rest assured that you’re getting a great result. You’ll be sure they’ll leave your house sparkling clean.

When you do the cleaning yourself, you’re bound to miss some details. And if you’re not experienced, you may very well end up with a messy result. Put your mind to rest, and let the experts work their magic on your floor and walls.

● They’ll Make the Grout and Tile Look Great

Getting professionals to clean your grout leaves your house with a more appealing look. Visitors who come in will immediately notice how neat the floors and walls are. They may even go on to ask for the secret to your sparkling floors! 

Experts will also provide you with information on how to better care for your surfaces. These tailored instructions for maintenance can help you significantly extend the lifespan of your tiles and keep them looking like they’re new.


Getting professionals to clean your grout offers a better result compared to doing it yourself. It’s also safer and saves you a lot of time and energy. Call on a professional today and get your grout shining again!

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